Who is Kenny Lee Lewis?

Kenny has been a regular touring member, producer and writer for The Steve Miller Band since 1982.

An accomplished studio guitarist and bassist for over 45 years, a few of Kenny's other credits include Bonnie Raitt, Eddie Money, Dave Mason, Billy Preston, Peter Frampton, Boz Scaggs, Brian Wilson, and Steve Stills.

Kenny's wide range of musical styles range from romantic ballads, blues, hard rock, reggae, and Latin. When not touring or recording, Kenny enjoys taking rewarding musical excursions when doing album projects, movie and television composing, or performing with his friends.

Kenny Lee released his contemporary jazz instrumental guitar CD "New Vintage" on the Miramonte record label in 2010. Taking a break from playing such mega-hits like "Fly Like an Eagle" and "The Joker" for thousands on tour each summer, Kenny Lee brought together some of the finest celebrity musicians in the business to offer this celebration of classic groove-jazz. Returning back to his early influences while playing in college jazz bands, Kenny Lee borrows sounds and techniques from Wes Montgomery, George Benson, and Howard Roberts.

Featuring such notable players as Ricky Peterson, keyboardist and musical director for David Sanborn, Bonnie Raitt and currently with Fleetwood Mac. Billy Peterson, former bassist and arranger for the Steve Miller Band. Paul Peterson, bassist for Kenny Loggins, George Benson, and Oleta Adams. Danny Pelfrey, saxophonist/composer who's credits include Diana Ross and Carole King. Gordy Knutson, drummer for The Steve Miller Band. Jason DeLaire, saxophonist with Michael Bolton. Dianne Steinberg-Lewis, recording artist, keyboardist and actress who portrayed "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" in the Robert Stigwood production of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" and many other talented session players.

"New Vintage" has had rave reviews in Guitar Player Magazine, Vintage Guitar Magazine, Wine and Jazz Magazine and is available on CD Baby.

To learn more about Kenny Lee's unique approach to guitar playing, and to hear his work, check out his website at kennyleelewis.com. Kenny is also a long time member of the Steve Miller Band, whose work can be found at stevemillerband.com.


Check out Kenny's work with his group, Fret Frenz, below.

In regards to Rock & Roll, guitar playing, and all music in general, I have come to discover that talent is a God given gift that has been predestined for certain individuals long before they are even born. If this is true, then our abilities to perform, write, record, mix, produce, etc., are not of our own to hoard or control, but to share with the universe. If I play the guitar, and it makes people smile, then I must share this gift everyday, even if it means no monetary reward other than the sheer pleasure of doing my spiritual duty. After all, the Creator who gave it to me in the first place also gives me my awakening breath every morning.

A lot of talent is wasted in this business because the EGO won't allow certain individuals to share. They feel that their music is self-conceived and generated by internal, human ingenuity. Some players feel that their talent is held exclusive only to those they feel have "worthy" ears of appreciation, or give them large sums of money. This perverts the purity of playing or singing praise to glorify the Creator, who gives it in the first place.

Note* EGO stands for Edging God Out, and if you think that your blessings will come by being full of yourself, you will surely have a tough road to follow trying to succeed and reach your goals.

On a brighter note, Rock & Rock can be a savior for the withdrawn, the lonely, the forsaken. Both, the performer and the listener can be transformed by the message of love, pain, ecstasy or selective rebellion. In the case of the performer, the antidote for the poison of life's trials may be found in the Heart of Rock & Roll. Cottonpatch Spirituals and Delta Blues dredged up the pain, but the electric guitar put the pedal to the metal and opened up a whole new can of worms. Sexual tension, self expression, and the "Beat" generation showed the world that R&R could tear down the walls of perception and start a new paradigm shift in how to look at the world. Rock & Roll IS an alternative lifestyle.

Not unlike Jesus and the Apostles being rejected at first for their strange behavior and conviction to rebuke, R&R tells the world, "be careful, or you might end up like me". R&R is fantasy for intellectuals, art for the nerd, and a billboard for the soul. R&R is the great communicator, and helped to tear down The Berlin Wall. We should be pretty proud if it.

Right now, we are going through another de-tox cycle in Rock & Roll. Out with the old, in with the new. Since R&B, Hip Hop and Rap are part of the Pop culture, we must learn to embrace all art forms and find happy mediums between the cultures.