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This is a great opportunity for you.  

Due to the lockdown on concert touring, I have the time now to share with  people what my experiences have taught me over five decades as a recording  and touring professional with these fun and informative lessons.  

I have been wanting to do this for years! 

Though I have taught privately in my home, the thought of being able to reach  thousands of people all over the world sharing my trade secrets and personal  playing style online is something I could not have done easily a decade ago.  This is also a great opportunity for me. 

Developing these lessons also challenges me to up my game and hone my chops  during this down time, not to mention put a few groceries on the table. It also  sets the groundwork for developing a course of online and print-copy books with  your input, suggestions and feedback as we do this together. 

Do these lessons at your own pace and challenge level. Have fun! If you are just starting out I suggest you go through the lessons in sequential  order. Yes there will be boring scales and exercises and your fingers are going to  be sore and get cramps. But once you are up and running, you are going to have a  blast! 


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